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Sustainable energy concept for the next generation

Modern waste treatment – generating environmentally-friendly energy and protecting the environment and the natural world

Non-recyclable waste components can be used as fuels. This represents the cornerstone of a modern, resource-efficient closed-cycle economy. Our technology offers a clear example of this sustainable approach to energy generation and environmental protection. Driven by competence and experience built up over around 50 years in working with waste-fired power plants and cogeneration, we are now one of Germany’s leading companies in this field.

Our core competence: decentralised energy generation from waste and biomass

Whether it is a question of using waste as a forward-looking resource on behalf of district councils and commercial businesses or generating CO2-neutral electricity from biomass - we always focus on solutions with a sustainable impact. That is not only in the interests of our customers here and now, but also helps secure a high-quality environment for everyone in the longer term.

Closed-cycle system: disposal and energy solutions open up new perspectives

Our services offer access to a closed value chain based on disposal and energy. In our project development work, we pool all of our expertise in the fields of resource management, power plant planning, construction and operation and energy management to the benefit of our customers. Our energy management ensures optimal energy generation and optimal marketing of the energy produced within the liberalised energy market.

Top-level competence and technology

With an annual capacity of around 1.9 million tonnes, we are one of the leading players in the German market. Alongside industrial waste, we also dispose of non-recyclable waste for catchment areas with a total population of around four million inhabitants. We aim to further expand our leading position in this promising business field. To this end, we have invested more than Euro 600 million in the past ten years alone.

A view to expanding into the international market

The awarding of the contract for the construction and long-term operation of an energy from waste plant in Plymouth means that we will now also be contributing our extensive expertise in generating energy from non-recyclable waste to the British market as well. Since 2015 we use around 245,000 tonnes of household, commercial and industrial waste a year to generate electricity and heating energy.

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How innovative waste treatment releases fresh energy and actively helps protect the environment and the natural world


Non-recyclable waste components can be used as fuels. This is the cornerstone of a modern, resource-efficient circular economy.

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